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Economic Development in Northwest Wyoming

Somehow people expect that because we are on the front range of the Rocky Mountains that we spend 9 months a year shoveling snow at 40 below zero. While we do get snow and we do get cold, it certainly doesn’t hamper what we do around here.

The City of Cody is located in the high desert (5,016 feet) and as its name implies is a dry area. Although we are on the east slope of the Rockies, the storms often pass over leaving us with an annual precipitation of 8-10 inches. Our snowfall comes in small storms throughout the winter with 2" - 6" per event. It is really unusual to see snow on the ground for many days. This is partly due to patterns of cooling and warming and partly due to wind.

A key thing to be aware of in Cody is the wind. The wind does blow here, sometimes very hard as you might expect being at the base of the mountains. While frustrating or maybe even annoying, we like to say it works well to keep our air fresh!

The following table speaks to some of the key climate indicators of the area: