Wyoming is a Right to Work State

The State of Wyoming invests heavily in the development of a quality workforce. Through the Department of Workforce Services, employers can access programs to train new and existing employees. These programs are designed to increase worker productivity, improve employee retention within companies and develop an overall higher quality labor pool. The program provides up to $4,000 for new hires and up to $2,000 for existing employees. The application process is straight forward. More information on the program specifics can be found at the Department of Workforce Services website, www.wyomingworkforce.org Forward Cody will assist businesses in the development of workforce training plans and in completing applications for funding assistance.

Employment in Park County

The workforce of Park County Wyoming is rapidly approaching 20,000 persons. Of the total workforce, approximately 30% are proprietors/owners. The majority of workers find employment in the Retail Trade and Accommodations /Food Service sectors with a total employment of 4,778 persons. Other strong sectors include health care, education and professional services. Access to skilled and unskilled workforce is not a problem for employers paying good wages and benefits. Cody is home to companies who regularly hold longevity celebrations. Among the prominent companies here are injection molding, highly precision machining and some of the finest wood crafters in the country. Quality jobs and the lifestyle make it easy to attract and keep employees. Unemployment typically holds below 5% in Park County. In the summer tourism season, many service sector businesses scramble to maintain a workforce. Unemployment in those periods basically reflects displaced workers and those not able to secure suitable work. here.

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