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Economic Development in Northwest Wyoming

Cody’s school district is recognized as one of the finest in the Rocky Mountain region. Five elementary schools, a middle school and a senior high school boast test scores higher than the national average. Cody school district programs are used as models by the Wyoming Department of Education.

Northwest College, Park County is home to Northwest College, one of 7 community colleges in the Wyoming post-secondary system. The campus supports a population of approximately 2,200 students at its Powell based campus and its outreach facilities in Cody. Northwest provides 54 associate’s degree programs, 19 technical degrees and 34 skill certificates.NWC will assist businesses in tailoring a training program to meet individual needs.

The University of Wyoming maintains an extension office on the Northwest College campus in nearby Powell, and offers extensive high-education classes, and several Masters Degree Programs to the area.

The State of Wyoming is home school friendly.

Visit the Wyoming Department of Education web site for extensive information.


investment in our future

Cody offers an outstanding education for our children. Students in the District consistently score higher on standardized achievement tests than the state average. The Park County School District is comprised of 5 elementary schools for K through 5th grade, one middle school for grades 6th through 8th and a senior high school for 9th through 12th grades. The schools are located throughout the community.

The enrollment of the entire district is 2,149 pupils. The following table identifies enrollment for each facility.​

The State of Wyoming has implemented a standardized testing program PAWS, (Proficiency Assessment in Wyoming Schools) to guide the state’s investment into the public education process. Cody schools have consistently exceeded state and national test scores. To learn more about PAWS testing click here. The following table is a comparison of Cody elementary schools with the 47 other Districts of Wyoming.​