Cody is uniquely positioned as a haven for firearms manufacturers for a number of reasons. Firearms were critical to the development of the west. Carrying a gun was as much a part of the culture as wearing a hat. The people of this culture carved out communities in the frontier using a gun as a tool, not as a weapon. The recent fervor around the country to limit or ban firearms simply points out the difference between people who understand the culture and those who don’t.

You can be assured that Cody and Wyoming are gun friendly and will remain so. US Senator Alan Simpson (retired) has been quoted as saying, “Gun control in Wyoming is how steady you hold your firearm!” We are a state of conservative thinkers and strongly support our Second Amendment rights. That’s not something that will easily change.

Our patron, Buffalo Bill Cody was a renowned marksman, hunter and gun enthusiast. A museum was built in Cody in his memory, the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. Housed in that museum is the Cody Firearms Museum, home to the largest collection of American made firearms on the planet. This facility holds the entire Winchester collection, including blueprints and specs for every Winchester that was ever designed. The museum is preparing for a major expansion and re-installation of this facility in 2015.

Cody hosts the best outdoor/ shooting complex in a multi-state region. Whether you prefer sporting clays, trap or long rand rifle, the facility can accommodate your needs. Cody hosted the FMG Shooting Industry Masters event in July 2013.

So, why build it in Cody?

A product is best made where people understand the product. Cody is home to a number of small specialty firearms companies. It is also home to a wide array of individuals with extensive experience with firearms. 

Why wouldn’t you manufacture a product in a place where it’s used? Our testing facilities are right out our backdoor.

Access to markets may seem difficult “off the beaten path”. With daily UPS and Fed Ex delivery and overnight shipping, it makes it feel as though we’re not that far away. With quality highways connecting to Interstate highways a short hour away, overland freight is rarely an issue.


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