The Big Horn Basin is blessed with fertile soils, irrigation and a growing season that supports the growth of a wide variety of products. Over the last half century, America has witnessed the demise of the local butcher shop, bakery and virtually all locally produced products. The bigger is better mentality in food processing has unfortunately had a price and the price is quality. Most Americans have a strong desire to know where the food, meat, grain or vegetable comes from, who raised it and how it was raised. On a local and regional basis, the need to reestablish the locally grown, locally known connection to food is a rapidly advancing market and is one that fits Cody perfectly.

So, why build it in Cody?

Access to markets may seem difficult “off the beaten path”. But with daily UPS/Fed Ex delivery and overnight shipping, it makes it feel as though we’re not that far away after all. With quality highways connecting to Interstate highways about an hour away overland freight is rarely an issue.


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Economic Development in Northwest Wyoming