The City of Cody, Wyoming, on the east boundary of Yellowstone National Park, was established in 1896 by world famous hunter, scout, and showman William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody. In the years that have followed, Cody has developed into a favorite Western destination for travelers from all over the world. They have sought out the unspoiled beauty of Yellowstone, the nation’s first national park, and have enjoyed the varied outdoor experiences offered by the Shoshone National Forest, our nation’s first national forest.

Cody is the American West. The culture lives on in the toughness and commitment of the rodeo cowboys who have made Cody, Wyoming “The Rodeo Capital of the World.” Cody exemplifies the New West as well as the Old. We are proud of our spirit of individual accomplishment, western hospitality, honesty, and friendliness.

We’ve made a choice. We choose to live where the stars are not only bright, but brilliant. We treasure this place where high speed communication merges with low speed lifestyle. We are happy to share this place, where climbing the ladder and climbing the mountain can (and does) happen in the same day!

Confucius once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” We’ve modified that a bit. We prefer to say, “Choose a great place to live and work and work will never feel like work again.” Why live where you work?  Why not work where you live?  Our backyard could be YOUR office. Come live in Cody Wyoming and bring your business with you.

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The people of Cody choose to live and work here because they can! Cody affords its residents the ability to step out after work and in just a few short minutes be fly fishing a superb trout stream, teeing off on a championship golf course, or taking a walk on any of the 8 miles of maintained trails in the community. They might choose to spend that free time in one of the 5 museums at the acclaimed Buffalo Bill Center of the West. Others may see the numerous art galleries and quaint downtown shops as a way to wind down. What’s not to like about that!

We choose to live in Cody because of the lifestyle it offers. Cody boasts many big city amenities without the traffic, noise and congestion. In addition to the spectacular scenery and the proximity to Yellowstone Park, Cody also is a great place to business.
We believe Cody is a place where some businesses can find the right combination of location, services and lifestyle to make life truly worth living. If you spend too much time in traffic and too little with your family, perhaps Cody can help both your family and your business thrive.

The Business Section of the Forward Cody website is designed to provide answers about doing business here. If you can’t find the information here, it may not exist. But in case you don’t find it and need it, don’t be afraid to call. We’ll do our best to provide it!​