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Economic Development in Northwest Wyoming

Forward Cody Wyoming, Inc. is a non-profit economic development corporation organized in 2008. It was created by a strong local leadership group in an effort to create better paying jobs, develop more opportunities for our children and establish a more robust year-round economy for Cody.

The slogan “Promoting People, Jobs and Progress”  portrays what we are about and includes components of the value system which drives our effort. Those statements of values, our guiding principles, are as follows:

It’s about the people of Cody!
Cody is a special place with special people. Forward Cody’s efforts will be focused on the people of Cody and their needs.

We have a great knowledge pool in Cody!

We believe that our success is directly correlated to the quality of people in the Cody area. Cody has attracted people of national and international prominence in a variety of fields. Many of these individuals are more than willing to share their knowledge and abilities with others. These individuals will provide an invaluable measure of assistance to businesses in Cody. Forward Cody will serve as a facilitator of these networks.

Cody is a great place to do business!
The State of Wyoming has a business climate which is recognized as among the best in the nation. We have the ability to utilize these attributes and link them to the high quality of life we enjoy in Cody. Forward Cody will direct efforts to improve the core tenets of a vibrant business economy.

Cody is a great place to live!
Cody is a special place which feeds the social, cultural, recreational and spiritual needs of area residents. Those attributes could have the unintended consequence of making Cody a fast growth community and threatening that sense of place. Forward Cody recognizes that this core value held strongly by the community is critical to protect. As such, our activity will be designed with the protection of “place” at the forefront of discussions. While economic development is often seen in terms of “bigger is better,” the model does not and cannot apply here.

Cody has great leadership!
Many of the people of Cody are true leaders, rising to the challenges that face them and dealing with issues that come to bear.  Forward Cody recognizes these leaders and will earn a place among them by working with them as mentors in the development of plans and projects.

Promoting People, Jobs, and Progress

Mission Statement
Forward Cody is the community’s leader, partner, advocate and facilitator in
the continuing development of a vibrant economy in the Cody area.